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    Card Spoilers


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    Card Spoilers

    Post  Urchin on Sat Jun 27, 2009 9:52 am

    Want to know what cards and packs are coming out? Want to save up for them? This forum is here to show you what's coming out.

    All packs are 8 cards.

    Darkness Rising Pack One -
    Dark Imp - Lv.2 - Darkness - Very Common (X2)
    Tetraani - Lv.5 - Darkness - Common (X2)
    Tetraani Caster - Lv.6 - Darkness - Uncommon (X1)
    Brute - Lv.8 - Darkness - Rare (X1)
    Fist of Darkness - Spell Card - Common (X2)
    (Darkness Rising Pack One focuses on it's strong attack and strong cards. Once Dark Imp has evolved into Brute, and Fist of Darkness is used, this pack is almost unstoppable)

    Darkness Rising Pack Two -
    Redtail Guard - Lvl.4 - Fire - Common (X3)
    Tetraani - Lv.5 - Darkness - Common (X1)
    Dark Armour - Spell - Very Common (X2)
    Opening of the Rift - Spell - Common (X1)
    Shackles - Spell - Rare (X1)
    (Darkness Rising Pack Two focuses on spells and defense. Without attack, it can easily take cards out of play, and destroy them and, even if a Redtail Guard of Tetraani is destroyed, Opening of the Rift can bring them back, and Dark Armour increases their HP!)

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