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    More Card Spoilers


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    More Card Spoilers

    Post  Urchin on Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:59 am

    It looks like a new deck is coming!

    Children of the Light Pack -
    Miner - Lv.3 - Nature - Common (X2)
    Light Orbern - Lv.4 - Light - Common (X1)
    Harpoonist - Lv.6 - Fight - Uncommon (X1)
    Flight of the Eagle - Spell - Uncommon (X1)
    Salvation - Spell - Uncommon (X1)
    Evolutionary Leap - Very Rare (X1)
    (Children of the Light are for those people who just love showing off. With Flight of the Eagle, they can easly withdraw cards, and place cards, Salvation blocks attacks, and Evolutionary Leap instantly evolves a card to it's highest phase!)

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